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We understand how each and every project requires a unique approach. Offering over 20 years experience in HTML and CSS, 10 years experience in JavaScript, PHP, and CMS, Ericka can create the website or eCommerce store of your dreams.

Unique online content sets your business apart from the competition. Ericka will ensure your web content is a notch above the rest with catered packages to suit your needs. From long-form articles to product descriptions and more, your content will never look better.
Want to expand your online reach? Test a new advertisement? Hard data will help you tap into an engaged audience unlike anything else. This service is perfect for those who have already worked with Ericka to build a website and curate content.

We're off a Responsive Nature

The Importance of Mobile-Oriented Design

There’s nothing worse than checking your own website on-the-go, only to notice it doesn’t look right on your phone. Our sites are built with a mobile-first mindset, to ensure your website features consistency across all devices.
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Make an Upgrade

Is your current content less than spectacular? Improve existing content through our marketing upgrade services. Ericka will analyze the current state of your content, and make your website into an SEO-friendly workhorse.
*Available in Monthly Commitments Only
10 k+
words optimized in less than 3 months

Industry-Centered Content

Are you a titan of industry looking to improve the content marketing efforts of your business or professional ventures?