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Is your word as good as a handshake

From a Former Fiverr Writer

My first exposure to Fiverr started back when Pewdiepie hired two individuals to post a picture of themselves holding up a sign. It didn’t draw me in immediately. This idea remained on the backburner while I ignored my dreams of writing. One day, it finally hit me: If I wanted to work more toward the field of technical writing, it wasn’t going to happen on its own – so I created an account.

My Journey to Writing Content
I started out charging the least amount possible to begin generating leads. Orders piled on, so I raised my prices. No one seemed to mind the small increase until I noticed a slump as things evolved on the backside of Fiverr. Regardless of countless nights of writing, I could never maintain my Level 2 status. I worked hard to stay on top of messages, upgraded every word in my gigs, and finished on time.

When I faced my first conflict and resolution, it ended in their favor. All it took was a buyer claiming he didn’t like the tone of my work, without taking my free rewrite. I lost time and money. I was devastated. So, I worked harder. Fiverr quickly began to feel like an uphill battle. With my goal in mind, I kept at the grindstone in hopes I’d eventually get somewhere bigger and greater. And, you know what? It happened.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you have spent any length of time on the Fiverr platform, you know it can be a time of plenty and a time of slim pickings. When you get into the lean times, you’re eager enough to take anything that comes your way. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to stay that way. Finding balance in your freelance and contract writing is crucial to your overall success.

What Did I Learn Along the Way?
Eventually, it came time to find my permanent home as a writer. I’d worked as a web developer and content creator in the past but had fears it wouldn’t transfer (somehow). When I started searching for full-time, I looked to Indeed and finally LinkedIn. I felt confused when I began to notice how many contracts were readily available on both platforms. I felt like I’d missed my opportunity. Could I have kept working for myself?

I interviewed for many companies and wound up with a nearly year-long stint with a start-up. My experience wasn’t stellar. After a road fraught with miscommunications and oversold expectations, the entity resolved itself. I was suddenly faced with the reality of returning to Fiverr. That was until I got a callback. What played a crucial role in this journey? Fiverr helped me to:

  • Garner positive testimonials
  • Build a global network
  • Find my writing niche
  • Take baby steps to agility

Focus on Your Journey
Remaining agile is the most important aspect of my journey – will it be yours? If I can impress one thing upon you, it is the value of agility. Invest in yourself. Regardless of whether you stick with Fiverr, change it up on multiple platforms, or get away from freelancing for good. Agility means we can switch gears at a moment’s notice. We are fierce in the face of adversity. We don’t let up. And even if your Fiverr journey is negative, much like mine, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.

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