Over the years, Ericka has enjoyed writing, editing, web development, and marketing. She appreciates writing a good story, coffee in hand. If she isn’t busy working, she may be found homeschooling her daughters, tending to her aquariums, or lying in the grass with her camera, photographing bumblebees.

Writing has further enabled Ericka to indulge her coffee habit, thanks to numerous clients who have allowed her to write about their specialty product. When she first realized the need for knowledgeable writers to create better coffee content, she knew she had found her people. From local, Georgia-based artisans with hand roasted beans, to global producers found scattered throughout the world, Ericka has had the pleasure of writing for many fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Aside from being well caffeinated, Ericka has an extensive background in web development, and even worked in IT for a short time. After learning HTML and CSS at 10, she eventually got her AAS degree in CIS Internet Specialist: Web Design and Technical Communications. This has better enabled her to write and edit within the information technology community, helping a few nerds to tell their story, or describe their project.

When it comes to creating a professional relationship, Ericka prefers to get to know people. This serves to ease the struggle many entrepreneurs and original authors face when handing their precious work over to another writer or editor. If you are looking for a copywriter, need to improve your online content, or simply want to reach out, please don’t hesitate to send a message!