Ericka Sheppard


About Me

How it Began

At the age of 10 I began learning HTML,CSS, and PHP to customize my Neopets storefront. From there, I continued to develop my skills before earning my Associate’s degree in CIS: Internet Design, with a minor in Technical Communications. HTML has served as a second language of sorts, and it continues to be a source of enjoyment.

The Value of Words

After working for a few employers as Tech Support, Web Designer, Content Specialist, and more, I decided to begin freelancing, instead. Initially I worked with a few companies as a web designer, before branching out into Content Marketing, Writing, and Editing on the Fiverr platform – you can still find me there, today.

Your Story is Worth Telling

Writing has always come naturally to me, it just makes sense. But I never realized how difficult it can be for another person to put their story into words. It wasn’t until years later that I would discover the fulfillment and joy I could ultimately obtain from helping others tell their tale.

My Dream Client

Working alongside clients struggling to tell their story is my ultimate dream. If you have been searching for someone to breathe life into your writing, or transform your words into something that can reach a whole new demographic, what are you waiting for?
Ericka Sheppard Writer Web Designer